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Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Meditation


Drawing on three decades of teaching experience and his mastery in using the gong to help students shift unproductive energy patterns, Harijiwan invites us on an illuminating journey that explores:

  • The life-force energy known as kundalini—and how to use it to unleash your highest potential
  • Your eight chakras and how they manifest specific behaviors in the physical world
  • Communicating from your upper chakras for improved clarity and understanding
  • An eight-chakra gong meditation designed to remove negative energies and amplify positive ones
  • The “Wah He Guru” mantra, a healing practice for connecting to health, harmony, and bliss

“Working with kundalini energy and your chakras isn’t magic,” teaches Harijiwan, “but the results can be magical.” Kundalini Meditation offers transformative tools and teachings to awaken the full potential of your awareness—and help you enjoy life in ways that you might not have even imagined.

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