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Meditations for the Inner Shaman

Meditations for the Inner Shaman


“Within each of us is one who walks in beauty and balance—the one with access to unlimited knowledge, power, and tranquility,” says Dr. José Luis Stevens. “I call this true self the Inner Shaman.” Now this internationally respected shamanic expert presents three sessions of teachings and practices for living from your spiritual core with Meditations for the Inner Shaman. Featuring potent practices drawn from Dr. Stevens’ book Awaken the Inner Shaman, this audio combines indigenous wisdom, insights from cutting—edge science, and the power of direct oral transmission to bring you:

  • Techniques and insights to help you kindle the Inner Shaman within you—an inexhaustible resource of energy and joy

  • Practices for harmonizing your life with Truth, Love, and Power—the three fundamental forces that create the universe

  • Guided meditations for awakening your intuitive perception, activating the wisdom of your DNA, accessing the dimensions of spirit through the heart portal, and much more.

The greatest lesson of the Inner Shaman is the realization that our sense of separation—from each other, the natural world, or from spirit—is only an illusion. WithMeditations for the Inner Shaman, Dr. Stevens invites you to take the next step on your mystical journey: to rediscover the true source of who you are and who you were meant to be.

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